Code of Ethic


A guide to what is expected of a member of the Cyprus Jewellers Association: 

This code will signify that members of the Cyprus Jewellers Association are signatories to the Association’s full code of conduct and have the ethical obligation to uphold and follow this code. 

Our commitment to consumers: 

  1. Act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism.
  1. Describe jewelry, watches, and other goods and services for sale fully and accurately. 
  2. Abstain from any conduct or practice that may mislead or deceive. 
  3. Deal with any complaints in a fair manner. 
  4. Act responsibly and ethically in any sale. 
  5. Honour all guarantees, warranties, and service policies as presented to customers as well as provided by law.

Our commitment to the industry and the Cypriot Jewellers: 

  1. Abstain from making false or misleading statements about any member of the jewelry industry. 
  2. Conduct their business in such a manner as to not dishonor the integrity of the jewelry industry. 
  3. Refrain from public criticism of any CJA member, unless all reasonable steps have been taken to resolve the relevant issues without a beneficial result. 
  4. Abide with all the relevant laws and regulations applicable to running a business in the jewelry industry. 
  5. Ensure all promotional, advertising, and selling material practices comply with the appropriate periods of advertising. 
  6. Ensure all relevant items are appropriately hallmarked as required by law. 

If a member is found to have fallen short of these requirements, they will be fully investigated in line with CJA’’s complaints procedure. The outcome of the investigation could lead to a company’s removal from membership. 

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