About Cyprus Jewellery Association

The Cyprus Jewellers Association (CJA), is a non-profit association that represents the ‘‘Cypriot Jewellery Industry’’. 

It was founded in 1971 with a purpose to protect and promote the Jewellery industry and its consumers. It is one of the oldest trade associations in Cyprus.

Cyprus has a rich history of over 4000 years and a historical connection with Jewellery going way back to Neolithic times. We have been the oldest and most important land of copper mining and copper-smithing therefore for years the only source of exporting copper to primary civilizations (Greeks, Egyptians).

Cypriots are among the first people involved in the arts of metal and jewellery making, thus we have excellent samples of historical jewellery pieces in Museums all over the world. (MET in New York, British Museum, Louvre, Benakis, Cyprus Museum. Additionally, Cypriots have developed and used various jewellery techniques, including Filigree. Filigree is a method using beads and twisted threads and it has been used to create different traditional jewellery such as; crosses, earrings, cuffs etc. 

At present, the Association is managed by a group of well-experienced and eminent jewellers.

Our Mission

Protect and Promote the Cypriot Jewellery industry and its consumers

Our Vision

A united voice of the Cypriot Jewellery Industry’

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